An Empathetic Functional Language

I've been writing Elixir code for over a year. Never have I been more excited about the prospects of the language and its community. The language »

Pagination with Phoenix & Ecto

I've been working on a web application built in Elixir. I'm using Phoenix as the web framework and Ecto to talk to my database. As the »

Composable Queries with Ecto

In my previous post I briefly covered some lessons I'd learned while building a (kind of real) web app in Elixir. Today, I'd like to take »

Building an Elixir Web App

Over the past few months I've been building a small internal application at work. I've been using Elixir, Ecto and Phoenix and it's been an absolute »

Good Software Developers

I'm approaching 8 years as a professional software developer. I've written a lot of code, worked on a few teams and helped build a team from »